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1.2 Better Movement

Most people workout and train for the sole reason of burning calories. Other people go to the gym to get better at something. Some go to improve their health and extend their lifespan.

Whatever your reason for working out, trying to improve your ability to move should be your number one priority. This means that your focus while training, should be to move more.

Regardless of whether you want more muscles or less fat, moving better will help you to do both. Regardless of whether you’re trying to increase health, mental function, or extend your life, moving better will help you do it all.

What does it mean to move better? Moving better means moving with more energy, power, and skill. Moving better means improving the efficiency of your movements, moving more with less energy. Essentially, moving better means higher quality motion, void of waste and errors. Moving better means having more control and awareness. 

Being more efficient with your movement and using you less energy to move the same distance means you’ll have better endurance. Moving better means relaxing and conserving your energy and avoiding wasted energy. Over activation of the muscles decreases your ability to move, while activating just the right amount will get you there the fastest, without wasting energy.

Activating just the right amount of muscles requires quite a bit of finesse and control. Activate too many motor-neurons or too few motor-neurons, and you’ll move slowly either way. When you move better, with more speed and energy. Better movements are also more accurate and precise, which also requires control and finesse as well.

What’s so good about having more energy and being able to control your thoughts and actions better? Well, you’re just more awesome, and you do everything better. Seriously.

Regardless of whether you’re a parent, computer engineer, teacher, or MMA fighter. Being able to move more efficiently and effectively, with more power, control, and endurance will help you perform and do your job better. With better control, more power, and endurance, you’re able to be more effective at everything you do.

When you move more efficiently, and you push yourself to move faster or further, using less time and energy, you create more energy flow throughout your body. It makes you more energetic, and enables you to tap into more energy.

Having more energy means you have more energy to put towards work, play, whatever you want. You’re more awake, you’re quicker, and more mindful when you have more energy.

When you learn how to put energy in motion with better control, more power, and endurance, you learn how to do more work, and you’re more productive.

So when you workout and you practice moving better, you’re learning to create more motion with less energy, or burning less energy to accomplish the same feat. Your movements are more effective, they waste less energy, and they create more motion.

Moving more, moving faster, moving better requires more energy and more muscular activation. This means that when you workout, if you focus on moving more, you’ll activate more motor-neurons, more muscles, and more nerves. Essentially, moving with more power means you’ll have a more powerful body.

Moving faster and further, while using less energy, is also a good way to build a strong mind as well. It’s the way that your mind works, when you practice mobility improvement. Your neurons and thoughts are very active when you move, but when you concentrate on moving better, your motor neurons light up even more.

All this mental control and balance paired with greater energy flow, means you’re more effective, and you’re able to make a bigger impact. So, regardless of whether you’re a school teacher or a fire-fighter, you should be trying to move your body more.

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