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1.0 Movement

Life is defined by movement. This is why all of Combat Circuit’s training philosophies are centered upon improving mobility.

Movement, kinetic energy, bodily motion, mobility, flow, the acceleration and displacement of your body mass. Whatever you want to call it, movement is what enables life to exist.  Movement is what creates energy flow throughout our bodies and minds. Movement is life.

You can always tell if something is alive when it moves. Typically, when something stops moving. Life is all about movement…continuous, never ending movement.

The more an living organism moves, the more energy that is flowing through it. The more energy running through an organism, the more alive it is.

The more an organism is able to move, the more food and energy it can secure, the better it can defend itself against predators. The more an organism can move, the more it can breed and reproduce. Basically, in life, survival and reproduction are based on how well you move.

During most of human history, if you wanted to eat, you had to be able to move. Back in the day, when people had to hunt, gather, or farmed to get food and energy, before there were food delivery drive-ins, and grocery stores, people had to move. Not only did you have to move to get food, you had to move efficiently and effectively. If you wasted energy when you went about finding or producing food, you would die.

Let’s look at it from the hunter gatherer perspective. A lively, energetic hunter-gatherer with superior mobility was able hunt better. Since he was able to find more food, he was able to connect to more energy, helping to grow stronger and more energetic.

The farmer is also able to feed himself better when he’s able to move better. He’s to farm more land and harvest more crops when he’s able to move better. To a farmer, better mobility means better yeilds. The farmer that can move better is the farmer that is less likely to die of starvation.

Even the warrior, soldier, or the fighter is also able to fight better when he’s able to move better. Before we became dependent upon the police save us, human beings defended themselves from attackers and wild animals with mobility. Fight or flight, mobility meant survival. Because standing your ground to fight, or running to escape danger, both require superior mobility. This is why success in martial arts, combat, and self-defense is largely dependent upon one’s ability to move one’s self. This is why Combat Circuit is based upon movement.  

Farming and foraging, flight or flight, and of course, finding love, all made possible with bodily movement. I call it the 3 F’s that defined the evolution of human movement. Bodily movement and mobility literally shaped our minds and bodies. 

Mobility not only helped our ancestors to defend and feed themselves, but it also increased their chances of successfully breeding with a mate. That’s right, being able to move well was really helpful to a single young hunter-gatherer that was trying to get lucky.

This is why we’re wired to find mobility to be sexy and desireable. There are a definite set of physical traits that are known to enhance one’s mobility, and it’s no coincidence that those same traits are also found to be attractive to the opposite sex. Round butts, long legs, slender waist, and a toned upper body were all signs of a person’s ability to move well. Is it any wonder that people that possess those traits are often found to be physically desirable as well?

Imagine a spry, lively, young hunter-gatherer that is able to move well and find lots of food. Let’s imagine that he’s also able to defend himself from enemies and predators. A hunter-gatherer that can move is likely to be desired by several female hunter-gatherers because he’s more likely to be able to provide for and protect his offspring. Essentially, having the ability to move meant you were likely to be a better parent. If you were able to move well, your little baby hunter-gatherers were more likely to survive, because you were able to defend them from danger and provide them with lots of food. 

This means that young, healthy hunter-gatherers with better mobility had better chances of mating with the opposite sex, and their offspring had a greater chance of survival. Again, life or successful reproduction is based on movement.

They often say “Only the strong survive”, but it should be more like “Only the mobile survive.” From my perspective, survival training is all about improving your ability to move. 

Even in success in sports is determined by one’s ability to move. Speed, agility, endurance, and powerful movements like throwing a baseball or swinging a bat. Our most athletically demanding actions are all matters of mobility. From running to jumping, throwing, and swinging, it’s all mobility.

Bodily movement also keeps us alive. When people stop moving, they start dying. Mobility is the most beneficial and healthy way to exercise, meaning, the most healthy forms of exercise are also great at enhancing mobility. In terms of survival, moving is such a rewarding activity, it’s easy to see why practicing mobility is intregal in developing a fit and healthy mind and body.

This is why people who are able to move well are healthier and live longer. Mobility will increase your lifespan, improve your cognitive abilities, relieve stress, and improve your athleticism better than any other activity. Practicing mobility will improve your ability to perform in many ways, it can get you a girlfriend, and it can even bring world peace. Seriously, better mobility practically makes you better at everything.

What do I mean when I say practicing better mobility?

Moving better means moving faster, moving for longer periods of time, and moving with better control. It means you can physically move a great distance, without running out of energy or suffering from injury. Appropriately practiced mobility is fluid, efficient, and powerful. Basically it means moving like human beings, instead of moving like robots. It means moving efficiently and gracefully, while also moving with power, balance, and control. Practicing mobility means moving better and moving more.

That’s what this blog is all about. The purpose of this my life and Combat Circuit is to increase the flow of energy throughout the world, by increasing the amount of bodily movement. My mission is literally to move people, or rather, to get people to move themselves.

Future blog posts will include methods for improving mobility through the practice of martial arts, and will be geared toward helping you understand how your body works and how it are meant to be used. Hopefully it helps you to understand body mechanics, physiology, martial arts, performance, and strength conditioning. Hopefully I can help you to achieve better mobility, and help you to increase energy flow.

Read my blog and watch my youtube videos, and you will be healthier, you will be more powerful, and you will even learn how to defend yourself better.

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